About Me

I am Cristian, an enthusiast WordPress developer with a Bachelor of Sience in Information Technology and I hold a Master Degree in Economics Business.

WordPress customization is my passion, also is more easy to do this with CSS and little PHP & JavaScript. I have done many projects with DIVI, EXTRA, ENFOLD, AVADA, and others WP Themes & Frameworks. Also I can provide separately SEO Services in time and after the development process. Setup WPML plugin for translation website in other languages.

Since 2008 working on WordPress, I am always looking for projects that would challenge and push my boundaries further. At the core, I enjoy creating enjoyable experiences for my clients and their users. UI is a major focus on all my projects. I believe that an interface should intuitive and simple enough for a user to understand it without the need for too many videos tutorials and such.

Whether you feel like home with WordPress, or a bit lost, I know how it is when you come across an issue that is expected to work one way, but it doesn’t. I’ve been there before, and I love when I have the opportunity to help you solve your challenge in an enjoyable and a hassle-free way this time.

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If you have a brief document, it can be send to e-mail at beonwp{at}gmail{dot}com